I teach several publishing-related classes and workshops in and around Portland, Oregon. Most of these are open to the public. Below is information about my current class offerings. If you are interested in having me lead a class or workshop for your organization, I’m happy to consider your request. If you are interested in attending one of my classes, please contact me for information about when and where the class is next offered.


Description: The tools of publishing have changed, and authors have taken note. Print-on-demand technology, ebooks, and the prominence of online bookstores have made self-publishing an alluring process to many. But is it right for you? In this ninety-minute class, I offer authors insight into the risks and rewards of self-publishing. It is specifically designed to give authors a clear picture of what the process involves. It will answer the following questions, plus several more:

  • What are the costs of self-publishing?
  • How do I avoid getting scammed?
  • How do I choose the best approach for my book?
  • How much work is really involved?


Description: Nothing screams “This book is self-published!” like a poorly designed book. Although many self-publishing services offer tools for quick and easy interior layout, cover design, and ebook conversion, most of these services result in books that readers will find aesthetically unpleasing and difficult to read. This class offers and overview of what makes books work as objects. We will talk about such things as font choice, readability of the text, paper quality, and choosing the appropriate size for you book. We will also examine what make a well-formatted ebook.

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